Train Aerodynamics

Train Aerodynamics by Chris Baker

Fundamentals and Applications
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ISBN 13: 9780128133101

ISBN 10: ‎0128133104

Author: Chris Baker‎

Published: 2019

Language: English‎

Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann Inc

Length: 300‎


The subject of train aerodynamics has evolved slowly over the last few decades from its beginnings in the 1960s as train speeds gradually increased to levels where a range of aerodynamic effects became important. In the last decade there has been an explosion of interest as a wide range of new train types and high-speed lines have come into operation, and there is a growing activity in this field in North America and East Asia.

With the collaboration of experts from the Birmingham Centre for Railway Research and Education, Train Aerodynamics: Fundamentals and Applications is the first reference to provide a comprehensive overview of train aerodynamics with full scale data results. With the most up-to-date information of the recent advances and possibilities of improvement of railway facilities, this book will benefit railway engineers, train operators, train manufacturers, infrastructure managers, and researchers of train aerodynamics.

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