Being Different Makes Me Super Special: Autism Planner Journal - A 24-Week Planner Workbook for Parents and Teachers to Keep Track of Educational Goal

Being Different Makes Me Super Special: Autism Planner Journal - A 24-Week Planner Workbook for Parents and Teachers to Keep Track of Educational Goal by Planners and Journals For Everyone

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ISBN 13: 9781092140713

ISBN 10: ‎1092140719

Author: Planners and Journals For Everyone‎

Published: 2019 April 01

Language: English‎

Format: Paperback‎

Publisher: Independently Published

Length: 152‎

educational goal journal makes parents planner special super teachers track week workbook

  • Daily and Weekly Goals
  • Activity Ideas for sensory, visual, speech social and more
  • Milestone trackers
  • Soft Cover
  • Full Sized Book Gives lots of Room to Write
  • Large size paper 8 x 10 inch.

This autism planner workbook is intended for teachers and parents of children with autism and/or sensory issues. It is a blank planner to keep track of sensory activities, appointments, meetings, social goals, speech goals, and more In this workbook you will find: - Six pages per week dedicated to planning out your child's (children's) week - Sections dedicated to recording what goals you would like to focus on during the week with your child (children's), including social skills, speech and communication skills, and sensory goals - Section dedicated to planning out some activities to try with your child (children) during the week, organized by sensory categories, and includes spots for social skills and speech/language activities - Section dedicated to keeping track of all those appointments and meetings coming up during the week - Sections dedicated to reflecting on the past week where challenges, successes, and milestones can be recorded By the end of the year, you will have a comprehensive book of documentation on your child's (children's) progress that can be shared with therapists, doctors, psychologists, teachers, and other support staff. This organizational book will assist a teacher during parent conferences and when working with classroom teachers.

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