Mudanca by Kevin Cutrer

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ISBN 13: 9781948017312

ISBN 10: ‎1948017318

Author: Kevin Cutrer‎

Published: 2019 April 01

Language: English‎

Format: Paperback‎

Publisher: DOS Madres Press

Length: 48‎

Poetry. "MUDAN A is first and foremost a book of discovery--of a new muse from Brazil, or 'moose, ' as she pronounces it; of a new language, Portuguese, in which mispronunciations turn shoes into toads and hair into horses, stampeding; of a new rainbow-colored currency, a veritable Noah's ark, what with the fauna that 'house' therein...and to a lesser extent a book of rediscovery--of the poet's mother tongue, the 'patois' that mothers speak to babies; of a transcendental 'yes, ' as expressed in hymns from childhood; and of ecstasy on the playground, and humiliation, which led the poet, in second grade, to swear off dancing. But he changed his stance, the poet did, and MUDAN A (the Portuguese word for 'change, ' which maybe 'contains the word for 'dance') is a witty and poignant and life-affirming 'letting loose.'" -David Havird

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