My Argentina Trip

My Argentina Trip

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ISBN 13: 9781546509707

ISBN 10: ‎1546509704

Published: 2017 May 06

Language: English‎

Format: Notebook‎

Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub

Length: 120‎


A pocket size journal that you would want to take with you anywhere in Argentina!

As one of the "Blank Travel Journal" series by My Diaries & Journals Publishing, "My Argentina Trip", is the only blank traveling notebook that gives you all these wonderful features;

The cover design that resembles a passport makes the book inspirational to write in, signifies how it is important to you, and reminds you to carry it along everywhere, so you won't miss a moment you want to remember.The matte laminated finish helps repel liquid and toughens the paperback cover, so you can have a writing companion that is lightweight and always come in handy.The blank space at the bottom of the book spine lets you write your own personal book volume number or the period of the trip, so, once a book is full, you can continue on the next "My Argentina Trip" and develop a complete collection of your own travelling journals!110 pages with grey lines (without prompts) let you write freely just about anything; date, expenses, weather, adventures you went on, restaurants you ate at, or top 10 things you loved about the trip... The choice is yours! Plus, 10 additional blank pages let you doodle, sketch, or paste stubs and keepsakes. All are on cream paper which is easier on your eyes and gives the book an additional adventurous touch.The spacing between each line is 0.28 inches, which is accordance with Medium ruled standardized formats of ruled papers, so you can rest assured you are about to write in the good space that you are most familiar with.Every page comes with its page number so you can make your own table of contents, which would make it super easy for you to find information you need inside the book.With the perfect size of 4x6 inches (a little larger than a passport book), "My Argentina Trip" won't take up any room in your luggage, backpack, or even purse, while it contains as many as 120 pages which is considered ample by most travelers. It will make a nice keepsake after your trip.The first page of the book comes with a greatly inspirational quote for travelers, so, the book would also make a perfect travel-themed gift for anyone who loves to travel or embarking on a journey!

If you want to pack light, and need a blank journal that you can write in freely, "My Argentina Trip" is the only one you need for your next trip to Argentina!

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