Sudoku-X Pocket Edition: 200 Puzzles with Solutions

Sudoku-X Pocket Edition: 200 Puzzles with Solutions by Puzzle Barn Press

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ISBN 13: 9781078467025

ISBN 10: ‎1078467021

Author: Puzzle Barn Press‎

Published: 2019 July 01

Language: English‎

Format: Paperback‎

Publisher: Independently Published

Length: 126‎

pocket puzzles solutions sudoku

Welcome to Puzzle Barn Press's Pocket Puzzle Series - Sudoku-X

This set of pocket-size puzzles is great for people who want to get their heads out of a screen and do some real pencil-and-paper work They are easy to carry around - printed at a convenient 5" X 8" size - fits in a pocket or a pocketbook

There are 100 3-Star (Normal) level puzzles and 100 4-Star (Hard) level puzzles. Solutions follow at the end.

The rules of Sudoku X are the same as regular Sudoku, but with the added complication that you must place numbers from 1 to 9 into each of the main diagonals as well, without any repetitions.

Enjoy, and be sure to check out our other Volumes available in Sudoku Twins, as well as literally HUNDREDS of other sizes and difficulty-level puzzles at

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