A Grimoire Dark

A Grimoire Dark by Quinton, D. S.

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ISBN 13: 9781732772335

ISBN 10: ‎1732772339

Author: Quinton, D. S.‎

Publisher: D.S. Quinton


An Orphan Girl. A Hellish Spirit. A fight for more than just her life. When Del Lareaux leaves the St. Augustine orphanage, she is desperate to build a normal life for herself and Jimmy, the mentally handicapped boy she spent years protecting. But when a hellish spirit is raised from the dark swamps of Louisiana, abominations of unimaginable horror begin to prey on the lost souls of New Orleans, and Del's soul is the most coveted. When Del learns the truth of her secret heritage, she is faced with a choice: forego the gift she was born with for the normal life she dreams of, or embrace her birthright and the dark consequences that follow. A Grimoire Dark explores the Voodoo mythos like never before. Threads of Stephen King and Edgar Allen Poe weave a nightmare veil through which dark elements of a Lovecraftian horror tale are glimpsed; for to view them directly would be ones undoing.

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