The Concrete Pearl (A Gripping Ava "Spike" Harrison Thriller, #1)

The Concrete Pearl (A Gripping Ava "Spike" Harrison Thriller, #1) by Zandri, Vincent

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ISBN 13: 9781393824909

ISBN 10: ‎1393824900

Author: Zandri, Vincent‎

Format: ePUB‎

Publisher: Vincent Zandri

ava concrete gripping harrison pearl spike thriller

How does a headstrong girl like me learn to survive in a man's construction racket? By taking your old man's advice, even if it comes from six feet under. Thirty-eight-year-old Ava "Spike" Harrison can hold her own in the boys club that is the construction business. Her late father saw to it that she was as comfortable on a job site as she was behind a textbook. But the past few years have had her over a barrel-job site injuries and a string of bad luck, including the death of her husband, have hampered the venerable Harrison Construction Company. Taking a cheap job here and there has been her only option. Grasping at straws, though, comes at a price: an asbestos removal contractor she's hired, Jimmy Farrell-a lifelong acquaintance who gladly accepted $10,000 from Spike as a "good faith" incentive-has gone AWOL. The three hundred students at Albany's PS 20, the job site, are about to be exposed to deadly asbestos fibers. What starts out as a goose chase-from a cleared-out office to Jimmy's impounded car-turns into an all-out search for the real story behind the man's sudden disappearance. Trading in her work boots for gumshoes, Spike must tread a path paved with deception, greed, and even murder if she's going to nail down the truth. Vincent Zandri, author of the popular Moonlight saga, spins intrigue and danger with a thrilling new series and a sharp, feisty heroine who has little left to lose.

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