DIRTY MONEY by Hughes, Robert D

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ISBN 13: 9780999339251

ISBN 10: ‎0999339257

Author: Hughes, Robert D‎

Format: ePUB‎

Publisher: Robert D. Hughes


DIRTY MONEY, the eagerly-awaited new novel by Robert D. Hughes, is now available in trade paperback and ebook! DIRTY MONEY is the second in the series of thrillers starring ex-FBI agent Brian McKay and his resourceful niece, Darcy McKay. A brilliant young accountant's face is lit by the glowing computer screen in an executive's office in the three a.m. darkness of a Chicago skyscraper. A familiar man enters and shoots Matthew Growney in the head, killing him instantly. Darcy McKay, college student and fearless survivor of the Bone Mountain dinosaur dig of the previous year, has just lost her boyfriend. Darcy and her uncle, ex-FBI agent Brian McKay, risk their own lives as they investigate the murder, the first of a string of killings by a greedy and twisted cabal of corporate gangsters at Belcoe, Inc. The McKays follow the evidence to Belcoe's spectacular Montana ranch, where they face off against a squad of goons, a homicidal cop, a malevolent corporate bigwig and a runaway arson fire.

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