In A Related Matter

In A Related Matter by Madame Gallivant

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ISBN 13: 9780463782965

ISBN 10: ‎0463782968

Author: Madame Gallivant‎

Format: ePUB‎

Publisher: Lot´s Cave, Inc.


DESCRIPTION: Tabitha cares for her best friend's son almost as much as she cares for her son. When Durrell walks in on his mother having sex- and he is thrown out of his home- Tabitha hatches a plan to save the relationship between Durrell and his mother. After all, what better woman to do this, than a woman who has been making love to her own son? EXCERPT: I simply took off my shirt, tossing it onto the bathroom sink, and I pulled down my sweat pants. I hadn't been dressed to go anywhere today, but that didn't matter to the eighteen year old man in my shower. As I took off my bra and panties, tossing them into the pile, I noticed that his gaze met mine. My mature forty-two year old body, with the imperfections that I always seemed to find when I looked in the mirror, was enticing to the eighteen year old whom stood in my shower stroking his hard dick. I pulled back the shower curtain, and my eyes looked him over. He was young, so hard and so fit- from his chiseled chest and muscular limbs, to his smooth hairless stomach, down to the stiff nine inch cock that stuck out from between his legs. He smiled at me, as he confirmed that I knew what was turning him on. He was a MILF crazy teenager, and I was the older mature mom that he wanted to plow with his hard young tool. I closed my eyes, and my mouth leaned up, our lips meeting. He took me in his strong arms, wrapping himself around my mature body, pulling me upwards. His kiss told me that this time was not going to be slow, it was not going to be romantic or stilted in the physical expression between us- he was ready to take me, take me with the bravado of a conquering general, and I was ready to be taken. Yes, Durrell, stick that hard young dick in my pussy! His hands reached underneath my ample, rounded ass, gripping hold of me like a vise, as his tongue probed my mouth. He wanted me, wanted me more than anything right now, and I wanted him too. He lifted me up, raising my entire body into the water-filled air, and pushed me into the cool wet tile of the shower wall. I groaned as he drove his cock upwards, into me; he was thick and meaty, and while he wasn't my favorite cock, he came a close second. My pussy stretched to accommodate his fullness. It had been too long since Durrell had fucked me, and my body quivered as he drove himself fully inside of me. It may have only been days since Destin had been inside of me, but all my pussy knew was that it was time to get fucked again, and Durrell had both the equipment and experience to get it done right. “Fuck;” Durrell grunted, and my lips brushed the side of his face, finding his ear, as he moved himself deep inside of me, “Fuck.” “Yes;” I agreed, “Fuck me, Durrell, fuck me!” “Fuck;” Durrell responded. The tile of the bathroom wall was hard against my back, and I was going to have marks from my flesh being pressed into it, but I did not care. I just wanted his seed inside of me, and if I was black and blue in the morning, it did not matter. “You still want this pussy?” I teased. “Yes; mom;” Durrell said, in his lust, losing track of where he was and whom he was with! I had known it all along- Durrell hadn't just wanted me, or wanted Karen, or even his aunt- he had wanted his mother.

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