His Graduation Gift

His Graduation Gift by Madame Gallivant

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ISBN 13: 9780463703168

ISBN 10: ‎0463703162

Author: Madame Gallivant‎

Format: ePUB‎

Publisher: Lot´s Cave, Inc.


DESCRIPTION: With graduation comes gifts, and a surprise gift from his father leads to a night of firsts for Tabitha and her son. Exploring her desires with an unlikely partner, Tabitha crosses yet another boundary with her son. Nothing is off limits as they are joined by a surprise visitor that leaves them both satisfied. EXCERPT: “That makes sense;” Destin said, “So what happens next?” “I don't know;” I said, “I mean, I know that someone will be joining us. From that point on, what happens is up to you.” “It doesn't bother you?” Destin asked. “No;” I said, which was mostly true, “Did it bother me when you fucked Stacy?” That didn't bother me- it was fucking hot! “I guess ¬” Destin said. “Does it bother you when I let Durrell join us?” I asked, double checking. “No;” Destin said. “If we were “normal” boyfriend and girlfriend, maybe then it would be different;” I said, “Maybe then I wouldn't like the idea of you fucking another woman. But we aren't boyfriend and girlfriend- so somehow it is different.” “Because you are my mom?” Destin asked. “Yes; maybe;” I said, “Maybe that's it. Even though we do what most mothers and sons never actually do- even though we have crossed that line- or maybe because of it. Now that we have experienced incest- something that so many people secretly want, but are afraid of- and the world hasn't ended, it lets us be open to exploring all of the sexual possibilities that life has to offer.” “I couldn't do this with your father;” I continued, “Even before me and you started doing what we are doing, there is no way I would have ever been comfortable seeing him with another woman. Maybe since we have already broken the rules of the mother-son relationship, and this is completely undefined territory, then it makes it somehow different. I don't know.” “Haven't you said people need to make their own rules?” Destin asked, as he unbuttoned his shirt, exposing his muscular young chest. Yes, people should make their own rules; and looking at his fit young form, I did not regret that our choice of actions was against all the rules of society. Not in the least. I had said that, and I had meant it. I was no longer bound by any sense of duty to the dithering and decisions of long dead men as to what was right and wrong. If people wanted to do something together, as long as they are adults and they both consent, then who was anyone to tell them that they could not do so? A loud knock on the heavy door broke my train of thought. Whomever Cynthia had arranged to “visit” us was here, and it was time to see exactly what this night had in store. “Looks like our visitor is here;” I said.

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