Naughty BBC Hotwife Adventures 1

Naughty BBC Hotwife Adventures 1 by Thomas Roberts

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ISBN 13: 9780463732328

ISBN 10: ‎0463732324

Author: Thomas Roberts‎

Format: ePUB‎

Publisher: Boruma Publishing

bbc hotwife naughty

These three sexy hotwives have one thing in common: a craving for BBC, sometimes with more than one black man at a time! Their shocked husbands watch in erotic ecstasy as their marital relationships are threatened—and their horny wives fulfill their overpowering desires. ~~~~~ Blackmailing My Internet Hotwife When the stress of Jimmy’s job interferes with his love life, Annette turns to other men, and videos of her getting reamed by horny black studs are soon all over the internet. Jimmy is torn between anger and guilty arousal as he watches her being taken hard and unprotected. Can he save her from the mob and win her back…or is it already too late to save her from herself? Sex Addict Hotwife Linda has Hollywood beauty and brains. But Chris discovers more after they marry: she has persistent genital arousal syndrome, an itch deep inside causing her to climax without stimulation, without warning, even in public. A rich client of Chris’s has an arousing proposal to finally scratch that itch. Chris watches as his wife is brought to sexual fulfillment for the first time ever. A BBC Bull’s Tale By day, Darryl is a floor manager in a manufacturing plant. By night, he’s a Bull—a seriously buff black stud who lives to service married white women with cuckold husbands. It’s amazing how many husbands want to watch! As word spreads, he finds himself becoming a little too popular with the ladies…and then he falls in love! How far will he go to satisfy his own needs and desires?

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