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  • November Quilt

    November Quilt‎

    Published: 2018-11

    ISBN 13: 9781948461160‎

    ISBN 10: 1948461161‎

    A Poetry Box Chapbook Prize Selection...
  • Interpretations of Poetry and Religion

    Interpretations of Poetry and Religion‎

    Published: May. 1st 2005

    ISBN 13: 9781432610425‎

    ISBN 10: 1432610422‎

    1900. Philosopher, poet, literary and cultural critic, George Santayana is a principal figure in Cla...
  • Music, Poetry, Propaganda

    Music, Poetry, Propaganda‎

    Published: 2012-05-08

    ISBN 13: 9783035302950‎

    ISBN 10: 3035302952‎

    Offering new perspectives on the role of broadcasting in the construction of cultural memory, this b...
  • What Poetry Brings to Business

    What Poetry Brings to Business‎

    Published: Apr. 14th 2010

    ISBN 13: 9780472050864‎

    ISBN 10: 0472050869‎

    "Creativity is a means of controlling chaos, finding order. Business and poetry draw their waters ou...
  • My Other Side: Passion for Poetry

    My Other Side: Passion for Poetry‎

    Published: 2018-03

    ISBN 13: 9781986222761‎

    ISBN 10: 1986222764‎

    An Estonian author Anni Pea shares her first poetry collection that will drag you in deep and make y...